97mm Longboard Wheels

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97mm Longboard wheels with ABEC hubs. These are designed to put large diameter street wheels on your Onsra Black Carve skateboards or any other electric skateboard that uses ABEC style hubs.
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These wheels provide an excellent e-skate ride with their large diameter and grippy composition. Compared to the Onsra 115mm rubber wheels, these will give you longer range and potentially quicker acceleration. Great for streets and sidewalks.

  • 97mm polyurethane wheels - Set of 4
  • 74A hardness
  • Bearings installed on each wheel
  • 56mm wide contact patch for excellent traction
  • Rounded edges (to prevent chunking)
  • Superb Acceleration on both ONSRA Direct Drive and Belt Drive
  • Fits almost any board with ABEC pulleys or adapters
  • Belt Drive Kit comes with pulleys and belts
  • Direct Drive Kit comes with adapters

**These wheels will not work on the Onsra Black Carve Direct Drive or Dual Belt without ABEC adapters or ABEC pulleys.

**Electric skateboard sold separately, just in case you were thinking this was a killer deal.