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Onsra Electric Skateboards carry the best warranty found in the industry. Your board is covered for a full 12 months and can be extended to 24 months for an additional fee. We do everything we can to deliver you a perfectly functioning electric skateboard, but sometimes things happen. Rest assured we will take care of you.

What is covered under warranty?

The warranty covers the deck, trucks, battery, ESC, motors, remote controller, and the charger from any manufacturing defects for 12 months from the date of purchase. The 24 month warranty covers the same items.

What is NOT covered under warranty?

    • Wheels / Bearings / Bushings / Grip Tape are considered wear and tear items and will not be covered.
    • Damage caused by improper use, improper maintenance, or improper storage.
    • Any damage outside of normal use.
    • Damage caused by unauthorized repairs of the product.
    • Damage or injury to the rider or other objects caused by the skateboard or it's accessories
    • Normal battery degradation from use.

Which board should I get?

Performance on the Onsra Direct Drive and Dual Belt boards is very similar. Both have excellent acceleration, top speed, and range. Here are some unique benefits of each:

Direct Drive

    • Very Quiet, almost stealthy
    • Less maintenance
    • Wheel range from 97mm to 130mm
    • ABEC or Kegel wheel compatible (with correct adapters)

Dual Belt

    • Customizable pulley size for tweaking performance, ABEC or Kegel
    • Higher clearance
    • Compatible with a large range of wheel sizes
    • All-terrain upgrade available soon

Are Onsra Boards okay for beginners?

Yes, but with a caveat. These boards are high performance electric skateboards designed for efficient transportation and having fun while doing it. Their high speed and quick acceleration put them well beyond the "toy" or "hobby" category. However, the remote is designed with three performance modes. Mode "1" is perfect for beginners as it reduces the acceleration and top speed. Modes "2" and "3" offer stepping-stones as you improve your skills and confidence.

Should I wear a helmet?

Helmets are not optional. They are required for a skateboard with this level of performance. The better question to ask is, "Do I wear a full face helmet or not?" Wrist guards are also highly recommended, as well as elbow pads and knee pads. Clothing with armor pads in them are starting to hit the market and are worth looking at. Falling sucks. Injuries suck way more, and nothing is worth a permanent injury. If still questioning, click here.

Do Onsra Boards have a rider weight limit?

Our boards are designed for riders weighing 225lbs or less. 

How do I maintain the battery?

Battery maintenance is an important matter for electric skateboards. Good maintenance will greatly improve the longevity and performance-over-time of your Onsra skateboard. These guidelines are just guides, not set-in-stone rules. Sometimes you can't follow all of them, but the more you do, the longer your battery will last. Onsra uses very high quality battery cells which are more forgiving than others. These guidelines are also helpful for any device that uses Lithium batteries, like your phone or tablet. 

    • Don't store your skateboard with an empty battery
    • Don't store your skateboard for more than 7 days with a full battery
    • If you aren't going to ride your skateboard within ~7 days, store your battery at 60%
    • If you store your skateboard for several months, check it each month and maintain a 60% charge
    • Don't ride your skateboard until the battery is completely empty
    • When your battery is low (<20%), let it cool and then charge it to full (or 60% for long storage)
    • Don't charge your skateboard until it is at 20% or below.

The idea behind this last guideline is to avoid charge cycles. The more times you charge your skateboard, the quicker your battery will degrade. Onsra skateboards have a very long range and depending on your riding needs, it may not be best to charge after every ride. 20% to 80% charge is the sweet spot for Lithium based batteries. Spending much time below 20% or over 80% will not help the longevity of your battery.

Returns Policy

You may return most new, unopened, unused items within 10 days of delivery for a refund minus shipping costs and a 10% restocking fee. If you need to return an item, please Contact Us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will respond quickly with instructions for how to return items from your order. If the product has been used or tested, we will inspect the item and give a pro-rated refund depending on it's resell value. If there is an issue with the product we will repair or replace the item under warranty. 


We can ship to virtually any address in the United States. Shipping to Hawaii or Alaska may incur additional fees. We use either UPS, FedEx, or USPS as our preferred carriers.

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